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Shailly Hair & Beauty


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SHR (IPL) Pain Free Hair Removal

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Welcome to Shailly Hair & Beauty

Get to know us. We are Shailly Hair & Beauty Salon – an Indian Hair Salon in Brisbane. From the minute you enter our salon you feel a relaxing, friendly and pleasant ambience which stays with you well after your departure. You notice the passion in our staff and you can see that we take pride in going that extra little step to make your experience with us special. At Shailly Hair & Beauty Salon – Indian Hair Salon in Brisbane, we believe that beauty requires a holistic approach and as such we offer a range of services that pamper the mind, body and soul. At Shailly Hair & Beauty Salon, we fulfill all your hair care and beauty need, from relaxing facials with acupressure points and lymphatic drainage to all kinds of other beauty services. Give your skin and hair a new life and new energy with our specialized beauty and hair care services.


IPL / SHR Pain Free Hair Free for all skin type and all hair types, including blond and red hair

Things just got better. . . .


The premier Multi Treatment System for perma­nent hair reduction, skin rejuvenation, reduction of pigmented lesions, freckle and vascular lesion reduction is faster and more effective than anything in it’s class.

Pain Free - For most treatments including hair removal.

Versatile - Darker skin types treatable and red and blond hair reduction. Patented SPT,FCA technolo­gy focus on dark and light hair.

Reliable - German Xenon lamps for stable, effective and reliable results. Japanese capacitors. Modular design.


Comfortable - With our Sapphire + Air + Wa­ter + SPT cooling system for greater patient comfort.

 (Speed Pre-cooling Technology)

Hair Removal - on skin types one to five.

Skin rejuvenation

Wrinkle reduction

Reduction of pigmented lesions

Freckle and vascular lesion reduction

All of these treatments are faster and more effective than ever before.


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From the moment u enter Shailly Hair and Beauty, you are just transcended into heaven. Not only does the interior impress you with its amazing decor and fixtures but the customer service then takes you to another level. The facials are amazing with results being noticed straight after...and for the penny thrifty people...u are sure to find one that suits your budget. I usually go for waxing and threading but what really really impressed me was the IPL lazer hair reduction treatment. Firstly I am quote hairy and my regrowth was thick and black as and I had to wax atleast twice a week. Then I did the 5 IPL treatments on my chin and lip and I haven't waxed my chin in now 6 months and there is no thick regrowth. I thread my lip now maybe once a fortnight. I was totally blown away.with the results and it is not painful..just feel tingles. SAROJ and her team are very professional and friendly. I would definately recommend Shailly Hair and beauty to daughter is also a regular there. So if u looking for superior service in a very clean environment then u definately need to go there. And if u habe hair issues like I did I very strongly recommend the IPL treatment.


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