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Getting hair coloured has always been in fashion. It is the best way to change one’s look and even cut down years from your age. If you are also looking out for the best hair colour service then Underwood, Brisbane based Shailly Beauty Salon is the ideal destination. We have a team of well-trained professionals who have an in-depth knowledge of the recent hair colouring trends and would bestow the most amazing service only for you. We offer our services at the most competitive market price, which starts from only $55. Visit our Salon now to get your hair coloured.


For fine hair coloring in Eight Mile Plains, Shailly Beauty is the best place to go. Our salon is a haven where your dreams of beauty come true, not merely a location to change your hair.

At Shailly Beauty, we recognise that your hair is a reflection of who you are, and our talented stylists are committed to crafting gorgeous, unique color experiences. Regardless of your preference for a striking new style, delicate highlights, or eye-catching fashion tints, our skilled colourists infuse each application with originality and accuracy.

We only use the best hair color products available to produce stunning, long-lasting effects that accentuate your inherent beauty. We have all the newest hair coloring methods and trends available in our salon.

Beyond only our technological know-how, Shailly Beauty is dedicated to giving customers a relaxing and revitalizing Hair Service. In addition to amazing hair, our kind and knowledgeable staff aims to make every visit a pleasurable getaway, leaving you with a revitalized sense of self-worth and well-being.

Shailly Beauty offers the best hair coloring services in Eight Mile Plains. Make an appointment for your consultation with our skilled colourists now, and watch as they turn your hair into a masterpiece that perfectly captures your distinct beauty and sense of style.

Hair Colour

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