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Can LED Light Therapy be used on dark skin?

LED Light Therapy is safe and effective for all skin types and skin colors. Light Therapy is not laser; therefore there is no risk of burning or scarring the skin. Even the most sensitive/red skin types can experience the benefits of light therapy.
LED technology uses one or more individual wavelengths of light delivered at a low intensity. Laser and IPL are delivered in short pulses at extremely high power, while LED Photomodulation is delivered in milliwatts, constant and non-thermal. LED Photomodulation has been shown in clinical studies to stimulate fibroblasts to produce collagen, improving elasticity, fine lines, epidermal pigmentation, scar tissue, and skin thickness. The best results are attained with a series of 8-10 treatments and daily use of professional skin care products and daily application of a sunscreen that incorporates titanium dioxide and/or zinc oxide.


Age Defying Chromatic Facial $99
Hydrating Chromatic Facial $99
Pigment Minimizing Chromatic Facial $99
Acne Control Chromatic Facial $99
Anti-Inflammatory Chromatic Facial $99
Photo-Damaged Chromatic Facial $99
LED Light Photon Rejuvenation $79


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