What makes Micro Needling?

Micro needling also known as skin needling, is a treatment that stimulates the body's collagen production to rejuvenate the skin and to create a more youthful appearance. Skin needling stimulate the body's natural wound healing response underneath the skin.

This treatment has been performed for many years and has been proven to treat a number of skin conditions and problems including improving skin texture, smoothing fine lines and wrinkles and more.

How it workse?

During the treatment, tiny needles safely penetrate into the skin to create microsvopic channels. Topical local anesthetic is administrated prior the treatment to reduce discomfort.

Th "damage" to the dermis creats a controlled skin injury. It triggers the body to fill these micro wounds by producing new collagen and elastin which generates new skin cells to literally "repair" itself, thus the skin becomes thicker, plumper and more youthful.

Neocollagenesis following treatment leads to reduction of scars and aids in skin rejuvenation, skin texture, firmness and hydration. Although primarily used on the face , this procedure can be carried out anywhere on the body, such as on stretch marks on the thighs and abdomen, and generally all skin types.